This little manifesto was made for the Manifesto Jam 2022.

I still remember the first Manifesto Jam, it was 2018, and at that time it was something that left a huge impression on me. I tried to do something for the jam but I felt so frustrated. I had never thought about what types of games I wanted to do or how I wanted to do them, so when I finally sat down to write about it there was... nothing. At that moment I was already working in the games industry, but it felt like I was just surviving, I never had a moment to think about it. 

Reading people's manifestos helped a lot, it was encouraging. There was a lot I didn't know yet about myself as a creator (and in general tbh),  but it gave me the determination I needed to start a journey of self discovery.

There's still a lot I don't know, a lot I need to experiment, and I'm human, so I could change my mind at any moment xD but at least now I know about what really drives me as a creator. It made me so happy to write an entry for this year's jam, even if it's just a little thing :)

There's been a lot more things that have inspired me along this journey, like the Alternative Ecologies Jam, the work and phylosophy of amazing people like Hundred Rabbits or  alienmelon, and great articles like Divest from the Video Games Industry! by Marina Kittaka. I can't recommend them enough.


- Godot

- Blender

- Aseprite

- Font: Like a Cave by Brainwash Gang



I want to make small games, tiny experiences that you can play in your low spec ten years old laptop

I also want to make buggy games, games that are not good, games that even some people will not consider games

I want to make games and leave them unfinished, games that I will keep as a secret, and will remain unpublished

I want to make games as an act of rebellion

I want to represent the place I live in, the people around me, things that feel familiar to me

I want to represent intimacy,  ordinary things,  queerness,  sadness... and euphoria too, things that feel personal to me

I want to make games for myself, games for gay people, with gay characters and gay dramas (btw if you play one of my games you can assume all characters are gay :D)

I want to make games where violence doesn't drive the action

(but I also want to make games about lesbian magical girls that are also hackers and kill giant robots)

I want to make mistakes, and just have fun

I don't want to make games with the best graphics, I want to make crappy games that can be played in crappy computers 

(I don’t care about the f****** ray tracing tbh)

I just want to make games that are accessible, and reimagine an industry where sustainability drives creativity

I want to support small communities of creators that help each other, support nice people creating tools so everybody can make games, support open source tools developed by people and not by big companies

(f*** big companies hehe)

And I guess I just... want to make games to connect with others,  to empower others, to encourage others to create more games or whatever, just create


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This resonated so so much with me.

i love the old computer representation i only have my 12 year old slow af laptop so i cant play most games this manifesto was very nice :3


I played this manifesto on a thirteen year old computer

feeling very seen <3

This is really cute ! I loved reading all this and your 3D models are so pretty... I love the style ^^

El manifiesto de toda una generación

nice graphics nice text nice funny


A lovely little manifesto that serves as a reminder of what the games we make should be. Not epic triple-A cinematic experiences, but something more personal and more accessible. We should make games for each other, and ourselves. Thanks for the reminder.


Hey, found your cartridge on the fake famicom exhibition for a game called "Breathe". I was wondering if I could get your permission to possibly make it as an actual game as part of the "Game by its cover 2022" game jam. I see you make games yourself though so I get if you want to make it yourself. Would've sent a DM but no such way to do so via itch.io so comment it is :/.

Interesting manifesto though, ("I don't care about the f****** ray tracing" lol) cute animation too.

I'm currently in my first year of Game Design college. I'm not doing the development part because numbers make my brain hurt. I might need to work for some bigger companies when I get out of school because we live in a capitalist society, and I wanna eat food. However, someday I'd like to open my own indie studio. And someday I'd like to make games the same way you wanna make games. (0-o)


This sounds like a great plan to me :)

oh my gosh literally

this is amazing if only all game devs were like this


This really comes deep from the heart, thank you for sharing!

I can't wait to see what new games are you going to make!

Peace and love ✨✨✨✨✨✨


I feel you ;_;

I wish you a great gamedev future!


Hell yeah!  This is why I follow you!


100% agree!


YES! Powerful words *:・゚✧


Hell yes.


Holy crap we are on the same wavelength!!!! I empower you and admire your voice and if you ever want a partner or wanna form a team with similar manifest please definitely reach out!