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Thank you for sharing this with us.


this game is so cool wow

10/10 love the aesthetic of this game.


wut how to play?


As someone whose own grandparent is suffering from dementia, this game really moved me.

This is a beautiful game. The art was well done and the story was very poetic.


Is it possible for me to get the music pdf? It’s great


i cried a little. this is beautiful.

A lovely game. I don't have anything else to say besides what's already been said in the comments. It's well worth anyone's time.


I played it twice in honor of a couple people. Short, contemplative, and the art and music were great. A touching little grief ritual.


i love it! its such a relaxing fun game, very touching too. but how do i know if i have all the bones? i would like to know the full story


This was a really touching game with really great storytelling, art, and music. My late grandmother was many things, a mother, a businesswoman, a badass, and a Vietnam War refugee but Alzheimer's made her into a shell of who she once was. I really related to your story about grieving the loss of a relative to Alzheimer's and how that signifies the end of so many things like family traditions but also the birth of new things through "fishing" for memories and storytelling. It was only after her memory loss that I learned about all the amazing things my grandmother did: from busting my late grandfather out of prison by impersonating a prison guard to starting a business from pennies. The storytelling really helped me to process my grief and the conflicting feelings that I had about my grandmother's memory loss and subsequent passing. I cried a lot fishing out each bone and arranging it. While it is just a cosmetic aspect of gameplay, it feels so human and healing to be able to decorate a grave. Thank you for making this, truly.


I had a wonderful time designing my little tribute to grandma. It was quiet, contemplative work that lead me to reflect on my own grandma's passing. Somehow, this fictional story is very very close to my own.

really, truly stunning and deeply touching game; i processed some deep emotions of my own while playing. thank you for sharing.

here's my little altar <3

It is very beautiful. Thank you for making this game.


Beautifully melancholic. The art style and color palette are great.
And such a personal, profound experience...


From the gameplay to the art, just everything! The game is amazing, the art is so beautiful and the color you chose just sets the theme even more and the music is so calming and sounds beautiful. The lines when fishing paints a sad story out but its still wonderful and i love it a lot (here's a little screenshot of what i did in the game)

can u translate this for portuguese?


To be honest. i did it too. 

Without any reason i like to play in game, where you don't have any achievements and other things. This color goes very well with music. Just relaxing and fishing grandma's bones. Amazing!

Thank you for this soothing experience. This is my grave.


Treasured each bone and their message! Thank you for this absolutely beautiful experience 

Really loved the visuals and everyone loves a good fishing game. I think the writing felt like hearing a story from a family member and the atmosphere was great.


i feel a nice vibe with this, makes me miss a grandma that i've never had

aaa the writing, the art and the music is super pretty and touching!! 
one of the bones got stuck on my cursor tho so i couldn't put it down but that's okay! it was still a very enjoyable and calm experience. i fear for more of my family getting dementia and also getting it myself.... but yea anyways a very lovely game <3

This game's art and music is beautiful!

Is the music available to listen anywhere?


I lost my grand ma awhile ago and it was so sad for everyone and i played this game mostly because the art style was so pretty and then it him me that i was fishing for my dead grandmas bones and it brought back good but sad memories 


A beautiful and very touching game. Rest in peace grandma.


a very touching experience with great visuals, colours and music. 

The game has a simple narrative, but it did work as everything was well crafted and put together. 

I also love this comment section, how people made screenshots of their "burial" and how they shared their feelings. It seems this narrative experience has achieved their goal...

A bit confused that there was no "end" or no finishing dialogue that indicated that all bones were found (maybe that was a glitch?). 

But a clearly great narrative experience from talented people ! :)

sometimes , a simple story is enough for people to have tear in their eyes.


this game is beautiful i so any different ways

there was a glitch in the game {not sure this happened to anyone else}but after the dialouge i wouldnt be able to drop the bone and it stay suck on the hand icon.

Yeah this happened to me too


i know this is a sad atmospheric game.

and i know i'll probably be seen as insensitive for making this joke but...

grandma pog


absolutely beautiful and devastating game. gorgeous graphics, the color palette was great, and I could listen to the music all day.instantly thought of my own great grandmother, who died last year just as covid was hitting the US, so we couldn't have a funeral or any kind of service for her. i'm not sure if she had dementia, but what you said about the grandmother losing her ability to care for herself alongside losing her memories rang true for me. this felt like the chance to have a memorial for her. I also love how I couldn't tell if the little goat grandchild was laughing, sobbing, or just breathing. rest in peace grandma goatlady and my grandma Jolie. thank you for this.


this was a truly beautiful game. here's what i made :)


Dem bones sure do be rattled.


wow. just wow. this game is so beautiful. the story is deeply saddening, but also heartwarming. death has always been a big fear of mine and I'm still trying to cope with the fact that I will die, and I don't know what's coming next and this game really brings out all those fears but in such a positive way. god after playing it I feel like crying, the story is so nice. Plus the visuals are absolutely stunning! the scenery the colors the animation, all of it is beautiful. amazing work to this entire team you deserve so much praise. 

Here's what i made btw


This is an incredibly beautiful game, both in form as in content. 

My grandma passed away earlier this year. She fell and broke her leg at home; we rushed her to the hospital, where she stayed for the next two weeks or so, leg still broken, waiting for surgery. The family took turns to visit and stay overnight so she'd never be alone. Sadly, before a spot for surgery even opened, she contracted COVID-19 and passed away, alone, shortly after. We couldn't get a big service because of social distancing matters, although she'd have liked one, being a devoted catholic.

I sometimes think about the fact that she was all alone, in pain, probably aware her time on Earth was about to come to an end. This game made me realize that, at least, all memories of us were still fresh in her mind - the large, happy family she built. She remembered my cousin graduating, me getting into a good college, my mom giving birth, all her grandchildren laughing and running about in the living room, us decorating the Christmas tree at her house every year. She remembered the happy life she led, pushing through difficulties and poverty and succeding in raising four well-educated daughters, all indescribably grateful to her. She remembered her loving husband, with whom she is now reunited. 

What I remember is this: a day prior to her breaking her leg, we went to visit her. She met my partner for the first time. She skyped her sisters back in Portugal.  And when the time came for us to go home, I was the one who took her back to her bedroom and helped her lay down; she told me what an awful thing it was, to be old. I laughed, kissed her forehead, and said goodbye. The last thing I told her was that I loved her - which couldn't be more true, as she was, and is, one of the world's most important people to me - and the last thing I heard was that she loved me back. What a beautiful, blissful, heartwarming thing it is to be able to hold on to this memory, and many more.

Thank you immensely for making this. From the heart.


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