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fun game, cute art style, I liked it!


cute aesthetic game but ridiculously difficult.


basically impossible if you get a bad hand

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cool game, matches the aesthetic of undertale/deltarune

sooo cool !!!!!


nice game!i'm win this game


made it out! you nailed the cute aesthetic!


buen juego

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This is cool!!! LOVE it!! It is a bit hard though :P

(Or im just too bad)


This is so good!! Very unique. I crave moooore lol


cool :


This prototype is very good. I really liked the level of challenge proposed here. I hope that in the next updates we have news and a sensational soundtrack that matches the mood of the game. Congrats and keep it up!

Great prototype, there's room to a lot of iteration and improvement but I really like the aesthetic of it so far :D


it's simple and cute I would love more and for the animation and other maps and new enemies+cards in a full version. 

Después de como 40 intentos lo he conseguido :D

Me gusta mucho el estilo y el concepto, un poco frustrante cuando el ojo que se mueve de 3 en 3 va directo a por ti hahaha